Nulaxy HS-02 Headphone Stand

  • 【Why Nulaxy Headphone Stand】Nulaxy HS-02 Headphone Stand Holder is made of premium aluminum alloy. It contains a metal core inside the non-slip silicone base. These features provide a quiet sturdy support for the stand. In addition, the luxurious and elegant design can bring a high-end and fashion element to your room

    【Unique Design】The unique inclined support design considers the center of gravity of the stand with headphone, and provides additional sturdy support for the stand. It also creates geometrical aesthetic which makes it a unique choice in the headphone stand market

    【Broad Compatibility】It is compatible with all headsets, headphones, including AirPods Max, Sennheiser headphones, Beats headphones, BOSE headphones, Sony headphones, JBL headphones, B&W headphones, Razer Gaming headphones, Logitech headphones, Audio Technical headphones, ROG Gaming headsets etc

    【Multiple Uses】 It is a great partner for your headphones no matter for wire or wireless headphones, personal or professional headphones, work or entertainment. It is definitely a nice gamer gear for the gaming headphones. It can be used in multiple places, such as office, bedroom, study room, living room and kitchen

    【Space Saver】Havinga 4.8 inches diameter base and 12.3 inches height, this headphone holder itself is a compact design and can save space on your desk. It can keep your table clean and stay organized