A1 Smartphone Stand

    • FRIENDLY CASE: Nulaxy Phone Stand is designed to support most phone cases, so you do not have to remove the case from your phone when charging or using it with the stand.
    • PROTECTIVE RUBBER: Our stand guarantees maximum safety with 7 protective rubbers. At the bottom of the stand you will find 4 protective rubbers to ensure your stand will not move when you use it. On the top of the stand 3 wide protective rubbers to prevent your device from scratching and falling.
    • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The size was designed to support almost every smartphone on the market, you do not have to worry about the model of your device, Nulaxy Phone Stand has thought of it for you.
    • HIGH QUALITY STEEL: Developed a special high density steel that guarantees long life for your stand.
    • AVAILABLE IN SEVERAL COLORS: With 4 different colors available you can combine our Nulaxy Phone Stand in different environments like living room, kitchen.

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